onsdag 27 mars 2013

New lady-friends

I've got 2 new lady friends to keep me company in my studio. (I think it's time to start using that word - studio) . This semester I'm studying draping at the University, so of course I need my own dress form to practice my new skills on. 

I've got no idea what these dress forms are "supposed" to cost, but since I'm in Taiwan - I assume that everything, or most things, are cheaper here then anywhere else, so therefor I see my self saving money. The more I buy, the more I save. Good thinking right?? Plus, I got a great husband supporting me in my hobby/work and also supports me shopping. Isn't he great?!

Another thing, is that the people in Asian cultures, can be brutally honest. I asked why the difference in price were almost the double, and yes, the bigger one to the right has got legs so you can try on pants, but still - should it be almost double the cost?! Well yes! Look at it! You can make 2 dress forms of the "normal" size using the material for the biggest size we have. 
Hmm.... what do you say? "thank you??". (me being very exact the measurements of the biggest size there is, good thing I wasn't bigger then...). Oh well. It was a good day so I could take it...

Do you have a professional dress form? Was it worth it? Use it a lot?

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