måndag 27 februari 2012

DIY gone too far?

For the upcoming Spring Bazaar organized by the Community Center in Taipei I thought I'd be very crafty and make my own plastic bags.

A full tutorial you can find over at "Dana made it".
Basically you cut up your plastic bags, melt a few together using an iron (don't forget the oven paper!). Then you cut it, and then you sew it together. Quite a big job for something that's just to be given away.

I managed to make 5, I might just give them away to the first customers. But I do hope that most people can think eco and bring their own bags, since I still haven't found a "good-looking-solution".

But it's a funny and low-cost idea, just very time consuming. I think I'm gonna try a few in muslin as well.... *s* At least I don't have to make the fabric myself!

Can you tell I'm getting nervous? I tend to have very crazy ideas while nervous...

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