torsdag 22 maj 2014

Crescent blouse from Megan Nielsen

Ever since I got these patterns last spring (I think) I've been wanting to do a Crescent blouse! Well, one of the long list of patterns I wanted to try from Megan Nielsen. So during the summer I did a Cascade skirt (yet to show!!) and 3 pairs of the culotte skirt Tania. But Crescent fell behind and then came the fall, and then the winter. But now!

Plus, I had this beautiful fabric that I also carry in the store, that I wanted to use. Mixing that chiffong with a similar shade dark blue chiffong and I was all set to go. Except that it was chiffong. We've all heard it, chiffong is a very difficult fabric to work with, and now I really know! Not that it moved around too much, I was prepared for that, and used a rotary cutter to cut the fabrics made it very smooth. But sewing on the bias strips in the neckline and the cutouts on the shoulder part. Well, that was super tricky! I realized it wouldn't look so good (after sewing the back bias strip on) sewing with the machine. So I ended up using a pick stitch all the way. That really made a huge difference. It looks really good actually.

And then came the rounded pieces from the waist down. Half circle round. I have tried the rolling hemming foot on the machine many times but always failed - big time! (with cotton). But I wanted to give it one more chance. And guess what! Taking it slowly, patience and longer stitches, it really worked! Now I agree with so many people out there, it's a great foot once you've mastered it!

And here is the result!

Pattern: Crescent blouse from Megan Nielsen
Fabric: chiffong (polyester)

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