måndag 19 maj 2014

Finished 2 bras!

So now I finally finished my bras! I have to say, it took me some time to admit to myself that my bra size is not what it used to be - before 2 kids, and 30 kg weight loss (I don't think many people can achieve that! :D) So now, I'm a B cup (!). They don't even look like a B cup, but all the measurements keep telling me - You're a B-cup!

So, after making 2 bras in the wrong size, I finally read the instructions and the measurement list. So now I can make bras that fit.

This first one is a cut and sew foam. The pattern that I used was a Swedish pattern from a woman named Lisa. She has a blog where she sells her patterns, but if you live outside Sweden there's no point in hunting down this pattern. There's plenty of options.

A close up to my problems that I had with this bra (it still fits though). First of all, I forgot to cut away the seam allowance on the foam cup pieces. This made the foam cup too big and everything wonky. But, one thing I have to go back and look at before next bra I  make from this pattern is the size of the cup and the size of the cup in the band. The cup was very much too big, which resulted in more wonkiness. It could also be because I didn't have a wire that fit so I had to take one that I had (but too big since I thought I was bigger), so I had to cut the wire and melt some shrinking plastic onto the edge.

The zig zag fabric is a cotton jersey fabric that I bought in Sweden some years ago, but it's a favorite fabric so I haven't done so much with it, I don't dare to. But I did manage to work up my courage and cut out these small pieces needed for a bra.

This white bra, I actually drafted the pattern all by myself! In April, the bra-guru Beverly, owner of the sewing store bramakerssupply.com, the author of Bra Makers Manual and other books and also the maker of many nice bra patterns, she came to Taipei to teach at the local university! Amazing opportunity! I also got the thumbs up from Beverlys protege and European distributor of her books and patterns. You can find her store here.

The fabric for this is a non stretch cotton lace, and some supplies that I had at hand. Next I would like to start experimenting a little bit more, especially using all the great supplies that I carry in my store!

Plus, I can't wait for late June when I'll be attending a few more days of classes with Beverly, this time in Sweden!

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