söndag 27 juli 2014

Bra workshops with Beverly Johnson in Stockholm

A couple of weeks ago I attended some workshops with Beverly Johnson from bramakerssupply.com, she also has the blog Life Of a Fairy Bra Mother.

That was really a big highlight of this year's vacation to Sweden. The classes were at a hotel in Stockholm, with the convenient (but very pricy) option of staying at the hotel. Actually the first couple of nights I stayed at a fellow sewing mate from all the FB groups, and only the last night at the hotel. Like this I got to "save" a lot of money that I then could spend on buying fabric and elastics for more bra projects. Hehehe....

Now that I've attended this event, I can't wait for the different classes that are coming next summer!! And now I also know better what to pack and where to stay (not staying at the same hotel again, it was just too expensive, but there are other options close by).

Some photos that I took during the class...

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  1. Det var härliga dagar i Stockholm. Hoppas vi ses nästa år!