tisdag 28 augusti 2012

Silk flowers/Chinese spring flowers

Still calling these silk flowers, but they're nothing like for example the french silk flowers, these are made with rayon stranded embroidery thread (-ish). A nice example of souther Chinese/Taiwanese tradition. They're extremly time consuming to make, and are very fragile, sometimes are spending hours on a piece it can just as easily "break" in the thread and it feels like all that hard work for nothing...

I was set on a strict homework when we went to Sweden for the summer, not being able to attend my silk flower classes, but I never did any of that homework, instead I made this leaf. Even though they really look like hemp leaves (in my mind), and I don't feel like being a supporter, I still love making these leaves! This is the 3rd one I'm making, and I think I'm getting better and better at it. The only thing I'm a bit concerned about is the glue that attaches the leaf and the metal pin, it's only normal white glue, should it be something different perhaps in order to be more stable? I wouldn't know... I'm not a jewelry maker and the teacher said this would be enough - but for whos standards?

The colors looked a lot nicer in my head than in real


These pictures are earlier from this summer, in June when both my mother and mother-in-law came to visit, and we went down south to Kenting with a stop in Tainan. 

Da-Dong Nightmarket in Tainan

Da-dong Nightmarket in Tainan

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