lördag 12 maj 2012

Bella pants finished!

Actually this whole outfit was planned to be ready about a month ago, but yesterday, better late than never, I finally made the hem on these cute Bella pants. I was gonna use my new Single downturn feller 1" for my Babylock Evolution, but I couldn't get it to work properly so I gave up on that and just did it the "old fashioned" way, I folded the hem all by myself. 

So what do I have to say about these pants? Well... let's start. (if you want to read about the start of these pants you can find that entry here.)

1) First of all I was glad I checked the included seam allowance was actually 1"! 

2) I had to take it in a little bit in the back in the over sized waistband, but after a day at the gym it still needs to be taken in about 2 cm, but if I hopefully keep loosing weight I'll just make myself a new pair of Bella pants, because taking in 2 cm feels like a whole surgery at this stage.

3) The buttons we're layed out to fit exactly in the seams, but after wearing them a day it still made a small gap of 1,5-2 centimeters.

4) I'm not so sure it's a perfect fit pant, but after wearing them they do feel better. They're very loose, and a tight jeans fit is not something that you really want in 30 C. with a dense humidity. 

5) the pockets, if I do these pants again I am not gonna do the inverted pleats as in the pattern. In the end it's just gonna make you look like you got a whole lot of hip-fat hanging out in the pocket area, in other words, it looks really strange. I tried to rescue a little bit by making the pleats come down a little bit further, than the original. And now when I look at the original picture on the front page of the Burdastyle pattern, it looks like they made their pleats come down about 5 cm. 

And the top I made from this tutorial, it's cute, but it's also a must to keep it in the pants because I found my neighbors staring at me thinking *is she pregnant again??* Well, they might still think that but they don't stare as much at least.

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