söndag 9 september 2012

My Minoru

I finished ahead of the Sewalong with Karinottilia, but that's ok, I'm already planning to make at least one more Minoru jacket - or 2 more - maybe 3 more - who knows how many? I have to say - it was a really nice sewing project, it wasn't too easy and it wasn't hard at all! It's nice I think when you get to make something and you still get to learn something but you don't have to pull all your hairs out about it!

The fabric is a linen fabric so it wrinkles up really "nicely" - yeh... The lining fabric is a cotton fabric but was only 90 cm wide so of course I didn't have enough so I had to go back and buy some more, without brining a sample since I didn't think the man would have 3 different shades of this similar fabric so of course I bought the wrong one - went back again bringing a sample only to find out that the blue that I wanted was all sold out and he wasn't gonna print any more! Luckely I only needed more for the arms so even though it's not exactly the same print and shades, you're not gonna see it from the outside and you have to look well enough to see that it's not the same. Oh well...

I also messed up the zipper length - I don't know why but it's too short, but I don't see that as a really big problem.

I love the big collar of this jacket, I can crawl into it and feel like Kenny from South Park (that was my husbands comment) or I can open it up and show off my beautiful lining fabric!

yes - it's too hot to go outside for taking pictures of a jacket...

Want to buy the pattern? There are many places you can do that, for example from Mrs Bao.


Bra: en härlig modell! jag planerar redan flera andra Minoru-modeller!
Dåligt: tygvalet var ju inte det smartaste att ha ett linnetyg, det kommer att bli skrynkligt varje gång jag använder jackan. Fodertyget räckte inte till så jag fick köpa ett snarlikt till ärmarna som lyckligtvis inte syns så mycket. Sen lyckades jag förväxla mitt blixtlås så det kom dit ett kortare än vad det ska vara.
Mönster: Minorujackan från Sewaholic. Pris 135 kr. Finns även att köpa hos Karinottilia, Sewaholic m.m.

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