tisdag 22 april 2014

Cabarita from Cake Pattern

I have to say it, but I truly love all of my fabrics that I have in my store! They're just so beautiful. For example this fabric, it's a jersey but it's just so soft and nice. Not as thick and heavy as traditional cotton jersey, and not as flimsy and drapy as rayon/viscose jersey, but this cotton jersey is just Perfect!

And especially what's it perfect for? Well, about anything that you wanna make but when I saw this fabric it was screaming Cabarita to me! Cabarita is a cute t-shirt pattern from Cake Pattern. Though, I omitted the funny collar, since I don't find it as cute as the shirt.

Cake P really knows how to work its striped fabrics. Look at that back with the stripes coming down in a V-shape.

I couldn't be happier, and as with any other really good outcome - you want and you plan to do it again and again and....again. But, we all know how those grand plans are gonna work out.... But it would be nice to spend the summer days in this top.

Fabric you can find here, for only 115 kr/meter
(about 17,50 US$)

With many and most of my readers are from Sweden, you can find the retailer for Cake Patterns with Strömming Design

Wow! Look at those bazookas on my mannequin, she never breastfeed 2 hungry boys, that's for sure!

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