måndag 21 april 2014


Did I show you my Tiramisu dress from Cake Patterns? I think not, so I'll just show you now instead, and looking at the pictures I'm guessing these were taken at least a year ago! it just tells me how good (or I should say bad) of a blogger I am. I sew it, I take pictures and somewhere in between I just forget to blog about it... ;)

Fabric is a jersey fabric with a lace structure to it, quite see-through, so it's interlined with a polyester stretch lining. I love this lining I must say, even though it's poly, it's very smooth and nice to the skin, and also treated so it doesn't make you electrical and the lining won't ride up on your body. Being interlined it doesn't anyways, but I have this lining in my drawers in many nice colors, it's my go-to-lining. Love it!

The pattern you can find at Cake Patterns own store or with one of her many retailers. (For Scandinavians - check out Strömming Design that carries this and other Cake Patterns).

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