tisdag 22 april 2014

The fairy Bra mother in Taipei!

I did it! I managed to take the bra making class of Beverly Johnson from Canada. It wasn't easy but after showing her books to the right teachers at the university, they managed to bring her over! Isn't that something!!?

But her time her was very limited, in fact, what we did in the last 2 days at the weekend, is what's normally is taught over 5 days! Pattern drafting, style changing, cloning a bra - was all made in a very  short amount of time.

Adding to that, on Monday, me and 2 of my sewing buddies got to learn how to draft panties, fun and easy.
   After this bra drafting class - makes it reading the books of Beverly a lot easier. I look forward reading the books with ease and get my bra making better.

And I look forward to the summer, when it's time for the trip to Sweden, that this year, "just happen" to be the same time as Beverly is teaching bra making in Stockholm, Sweden. Classes will be taught in English (of course) and it's quite an international class! Except a bunch of Swedish women, last year it was also participants coming in from Finland, England, Holland, Italy and Germany!

So if you want to learn bra making by the master, go on to this website and sign up! (I already did...)

 Here you can find Beverlys blog Life of a Fairy Bra Mother, and here you can find her supply shop Bra Makers Supply. 

Beverly's Bra Making class of Taipei 2014

All the teachers, and then me... ;)

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