onsdag 13 juni 2012

Perfect really is perfect

I'm working my way on perfect - Perfect Bomshell Dress that is.

What I loved - was the basting process. Not the machine basting on the muslin, but the hand basting on the actual garment! I went straight for the gold and bought some silk basting thread. And I bought japanese basting needles from Clover. I've set my goal to become a couture nerd (or so it seems at this point). In the course Gretchen used normal needle and normal thread - so yeah - you could just use what you have (like the swedish 16th century housewife Cajsa Warg so dearly taught and still is a very common saying in Sweden).

So now I'm working my way on getting the upper bodice together, the front is now done! The most tricky part so it feels good it's over. I'm not glad it's over because it was difficult, but glad because I believe I did a good job and I think I lined it up pretty perfect don't you think??

nice uh??


now it's time for putting the whole upper bodice together.

Thread comes from Susan Khalje, to the left of the thread my newly bought basting needles.

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